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From: Bishop Grand Master Prof. Charles, Monastic Medical Practitioner, Nevis Island


“He who does not understand Astrology is not a Doctor but a fool”- Hippocrates, father of modern medicine.


"The stars and planets impel, but do not compel."


Did you know your birth came with its own owner's manual - a personalized guide for optimum health maintenance and disease prevention? That personalized owner's manual is your natal horoscope, or astrological birth chart at 'first breath'. It can be read as a psychological profile, for which mundane astrology today is the main focus, however, it can also be read medically, just as one would look at an X-ray film, blood workup spec sheet, or ECG pictogram. Added to that, my computer program will generate a 60+ page report as a health biography you can offer to your communicants as a valuable clerical or clinical service.




Yes! Medical Astrology has a long tradition of use in Greek Medicine, as well as in other traditional healing systems like Ayurveda. In ancient Greece, Medical Astrology was called Iatromathematica, or "Doctorly Calculations", since it involved calculating the positions of the planets at birth to arrive at an assessment of the patient's conditions. It gave clues to inherent weaknesses from birth (the genetic chart), the duration of the affliction according to the time and onset of the illness (the Decumbiture chart, the time when the patient takes to illness - it indicates the length, prognoses and medicines involved), and the progressed chart, when illness or weakness needs to be on the watch, countered or offset.


To a physician so skilled, Medical Astrology is invaluable in diagnosing diseases and prescribing suitable remedies, for it reveals the hidden cause of most all ailments. It will show you the good points also, so that you may understand the better side of the man or woman of the soul entrusted to your care. The usefulness of medical astrology, today, does not have to be restricted to doctors of medicine. Thanks to computers and the science of astronomy, those who turn their interest into more understanding and the application of medical astrology will gain some truly unique insights about themselves and others.


Medical astrology can also be used to tell what your prognosis will be, and how long the recovery will more or less take. Yes!

Mars, the inflamed, rotates around the zodiac about every 22 months, so these are acute conditions that will pass in a week or so, whereas Kronos (Saturn, the Great Malefic from where medicine got the word 'chronic') takes about 28-29 years to come full circle. Therefore, every 7 years or so, Saturn will transit conjunct, square, or oppose a natal point and release its fury: karma, weakness, precipitating a chronic illness, come on slowly and resolve slowly with righteous therapeutics.


Really! From a glance at one's birth chart you see this? You may ask?


Ans. Yes. So today's doctor of medicine orders some blood work and gets back some numbers on a spec sheet, what is he seeing? Well, he's looking for electrolyte imbalance, blood counts, and the spillage of cellular goodies. These are really alchemical symbols no different than an astrological chart. Remember, chemistry came from alchemy and astrology. Yes, enzymes that are spilled into the blood in excess means an organ is inflamed or deranged. When white blood cell counts are high, it means bacterial infection, when low, probably viral. Red cell counts, high or low, point to blood dyscrasias, or just simple dietary or chachetic anemia. Simple enough. When electrolytes are out, dehydration, or a patient ready to collapse. Of course, you do not need a spec sheet to diagnose a collapsed patient or DOA, unless of course you went to public school or work in law enforcement.


Get Real!


I meet all kind of doctors purporting all kinds of alchemical jargon, talk show hosts spouting pseudo-jargon nutritional chemistry, yet I cognate they do not have any real background in chemistry other than some stupid, academic college courses where we memorized and were mesmerized into buying the stick and stone pitch of biochemistry: C-H & O. (Sticks and stones can break your bones, and words will always hurt you! Hah! Marxism, opiate of the masses)


I remember my life changing point at the Univ. of North Carolina: 7 AM, monday morning (circa 1974) and the professor walks in, hanging and pitching his head with a 'terrible' hangover. He went onto a rant about vitamins in his lecture, was upset it was not 'content' in a premed course in biochemistry, and proceeded to explain his invention for a 'cocktail' he was working on to be sold in 7-Eleven convenience stores, make himself a minor fortune, and retire out of the University system. I met my guy! I loved this man.


Well I can tell you, with some developmed acumen, you can look at a Horoscope Birth Chart, and divine all kinds of information out of it, a lot more than a blood lab workup. Yes! The deeper your knowledge base, the more you see from the 12 pie wheel with planetary astroglyphs.



So what's up? (at a glance)

OK. You have a native with a strong personality (mars rising), stomach reflux tendency (mars in cancer) if not peptic ulcers, saturn in Leo - no surprize with heart disease or hypertension, moon in pisces (likes to hide emotions but they boil over the top and no doubt some swelling of the feet) or just plantar fasciiitis; venus in taurus (so don't squeeze her charmin or buy cheap wine), jupiter-Cap opposite the ascendant and mars-Cancer - so arthritis on the installment plan, but overall a personable and open person since most planets are 'above the lights'. Mars on the ascendant with Moon on high noon (10th house), cross her and you'll get trumped or stomped! And jupiter trining the sun, she has money or assets. but squaring her moon, she can be a spender and lose control with a credit card and shopping malls.

Sun is combust Almach: Eminence, artistic ability.

Moon combust Scheat: - Extreme misfortune; suicide, drowning, perhaps murder.


At a glance, once you get the BIG PICTURE!





In conventional astrological symbolism, the houses represent the various areas of life experience. They portray the planetary energies, which essentially influence the inner universe of our mind, and how it acts out onto the stage of the outer world, to manifest in outer life events. Astrologers believe that individual unconscious patterns are left as an “imprint” that can be read on the birth chart—as Jung said: “The individual disposition is already a factor in childhood; it is innate, and not acquired in the course of a life.” Astrologers know this disposition is reflected in the planetary symbols that synchronize from the moment of birth.


SO, is medical astrology complicated?


There are basics, then there are essentials. OK, picture it like this:


1. The 12 zodiac signs represent organs within body cavities (the vault of heaven), the anatomy: Aries head, pisces the tail (feet). See the chart above (no pun intended).


2. The luminaries are the spark of life. The sun in the male chart rules the vitality, the moon rules the female the same; but both are very important as they are not planets, they are luminaries. The sun rules the metabolism, Kreb's cycle, the moon the bodily fluids, like the tides of the ocean. Bad planetary aspects to both today equate to metabolic Syndrome X - poor oxidation, sluggish metabolism, lymphatic stasis, obesity, diabetes, etc.


3. The planets in those zodiac signs equate to modes of actions, the physiology: Mars - inflammation; Saturn (Kronos, the great malefic) - sluggishness, the weak spot of the constitution - tumors, knots, ganglions, stones, etc; Mercury and Venus, neutral except with aspected with other planets which then amplifies their actions, thus, Mercury in Cancer (stomach), square Mars = reflux on the installment plan, triggered by martian (spicy) hot foods, etc. Jupiter, the great expander, confers benefits to the organ sign it is placed, but if poorly aspected by a malefic (Saturn, Mars, Uranus, Neptune), fondness of opulence, money, fatty foods, gastronomic delights are the rule, along with it obesity. Uranus, somethings erratic, nervous, electrical, symptoms come and go, and are generally un-diagnosed, le petit papier - those funny little sensations patients bring to you on that 'little piece of paper' - twinges, gases, shooting pains, tics, tinglings that come and go, etc. Neptune is strangey, elusive, drug related, something some will not even talk about, nebulouos, murky, sluggish, apathetic, chronic, lingering, dark, hidden, wierd, etc. Where Neptune is placed will point to the body cavity, and then what it is aspected to with other planets will point to its mode of manifestation.


4. The planetary aspects are the modus operandi (« modes d'opération ») or how those body cavities operate to benefit or precipitate illness. 3 squares a day, most certain trouble on the horizon, 2 squares, troubles on the installment plan, 1 square some hiccups. Planetary oppositions are life catastrophes, faults, Hahnemann's psorat - psora, profound illness manifest, constitutional weakness 'in your face'. Planetary overlaps, conjuncts, combust, its already manifest for good or for ill.

Planetary trines 'shine' - generally bring no problems if not great benefits, psychologically and physciologically (oh yes, the two go hand in hand). Jupiter in Virgo, trine the Sun, 'man can eat like a horse', 'drink like a fish'. Jupiter in Virgo, square the Moon, prescribe preparation H. Mercury in Taurus trine Jupiter, don't squeeze the charmin', doughnuts and bagels with extra cream cheese, confectionaries rule the native, the woman more than likely heavy chested, the man gynecomastic.


5. The sixth house placement will point to the potential food allergies that impede immunity, cause gastronomic upsets, yet rule delights in cravings and addictions.


Remember, the birth chart shows the potentials, strength and weaknesses. The individual will overcomes the birth chart, that's what we are here for. But those individuals are few and far between. Goo Gooh, Gah Gah, potty training, public schooling, vaccinations, good ole doctor prescribed drugs, michele O school lunches, unisex bathrooms, establishment media, college textbooks, and you already have a decimated soul lost in space and time. The wheel of Karma rules. The horoscope chart becomes most revealing.


6. Now for destiny...


The fixed stars rule, they don't move, they are Karmic desposits. They mark the stamps of destiny. When a birth planet posits within 1 degree combust, fate will rule by and large. May seem strange or funny to you, I have watched it for years like clockwork even in my own chart. Read it, ignore it, and one day KABOOM!


Fixed Stars


ALGOL 26º Taurus




ANTARES 9º Sagittarius

VEGA 14º Capricorn

ALTAIR 1º Aquarius





ARIES 2º-23º Taurus.

PLEIADES 29º Taurus – 1º Gemini

HYADES 5º – 8º Gemini

CRATER 22º Virgo – 7º Libra

LYRA 15º -21º Capricorn

SERPENS 16º Scorpio – 16º Capricorn

OPHIUCHUS 1º – 29º Sagittarius


Algol, end all : Algol was regarded by the ancients as the most evil star in the heavens. The Arab word for alcohol means “the Demon”. Don't drink and smoke! Lung cancer on the installment plan.

Lyra found at 15º 19’ Capricorn: Jupiter placed Lyra in the heavens to honor Orpheus’s death. “It is said to give an harmonious, poetical and developed nature, fond of music and apt in science and art, but inclined to theft.” Ptolemy said it is like Venus and Mercury conjoined forever in the life of the native. “It gives beneficence, ideality, hopefulness, refinement and changeability, and makes its natives grave, sober, outwardly pretentious and usually lascivious.”


Once you get these concepts, diagnosis and prognosis becomes easier and easier. In the horoscope, the circle in the middle is commonly attributed to the planet earth. But further, medical astrology, it becomes the microcosm, the person. Each sign boxes in the cavity, then those are acted upon by the luminaries, the planetary placements, modes of action, for good or ill. Think of it as basic anatomy and physiology. When the zodiac sign is empty of planets, no issues on the tissues except when planets transit that House during one's lifetime giving those inconveniences, nuisances, etc. When a planet is posited as such at birth, foresee issues on the tissues, for benefit or ilk. When combust a fixed star, fate! A Chaldean axiom.


So Who Figured This All Out?


Ans. OK, who brought us computer technology? Certainly not the gore pitch who brought us the internet. OK?

Certainly, it was not one person, it was a developmental milestone in human history. By all accounts it started in Sumeria as stone tablets reveal. But the knowledge had already been handed down and preserved by the mystery schools. Think of Genesis, "there were giants in those days," and the Anunnaki, as a philosophical hint.




OK, I get it!

Ans. Yes, but you don't have it!


As a lifetime student of metaphysics, I wrote a complete medical astrology computer program over 20 years ago, have watched it for years and years, and still go back to it. It is no fad, hype or tripe. Establishment media and science, now increasingly discredited by those of common sense, morals and faith, should know ancient knowledge did not arise from some Darwinism revelation or great suppressive institutions like Oxford, Harvard of Yale. It is Biblical and ancient. Its in our DNA.


Understanding the Great Chain of Being and the wheel of life (zodiac) will set you free. To study astrology is to study the anatomy of God and the physiology of Karma. It is a palace where you will find solace and new understandings. It is empowerment, nothing strange, 'occult', or evil. These are only topics of small minds of limited education and resources - aka potty trained professors, preachers and teachers.


This Mac computer program will generate reports from the birthdate, time, and location, instantly, and reveal the following:


1. Horoscope: zodiac, planet and luminary locations, houses, and planetary aspects - at a glance.


2. Medical Intreptation: a 60+ page health report/document, which you can convey to clients for a fee, donation, or oration.


3. A short medical synopsis report, for internal office consultation, 11-13 pages giving you instantly:

Planetary Afflictions, disease tendencies

• Quick psychologicl profile giving you hints towards faults and whether the communicant will be compliant

• Karmic liabilities

• Best method for liver cleansing (Jupi)

Best anti-phlogistics (venus coolants)

Best vulneraries (martian offsets for blood congestions)

Best herbal nervines (mercurial insomniacs, worriments)

Best anti-fluxuant foods (sun and moon foods to offest lunar congealings, lymph stasis, less than robust metabolism)

Best stimulants to offest neptunian and saturnine afflictions including essential oils

Best musical note tonics for Rife frequencies

Best antiphlogistics to offset Uranian afflictions

Best empowerment gem elixirs, fragrances

Identification of significant food allergies (6th House afflictions)

These remedies include in the report lifestyle changes, dietary reform, herbs, nutrients, and homeopathic remedies. Quite spectacular, of the hundreds of reports I have generated for communicants, never once, has someone pointed out faults or inconsistancies.


One click, you can send the entire document to your communicant by email. The synopsis file can be printed out or posted to your iPhone.


Einstein showed how time intervals depend on the motion of people and clocks doing the measuring. And that's the gist of relativity.




Let's Face It?

By the time a patient comes to our consult, they have usually exhausted establishment medicine. They cannot find answers and resolutions to their condition of life (uranus and neptune looming). You have to have answers and instructions for resolve. Really no different than priestly confession, just a different format or venue, but all said, really the same responsibility.


You can lend practical advice in life circumstance with your knowledge of God, or invoke deeper the spectral concepts of purpose according to the stage of life experience of the individual, whether shallow/superficial, or deep and inquiring. Suffice it to say, a gander at the birth chart as a doctor, is the same as a gander at blood work, an ultrasound, X-ray, or ECG. It is your choice to interpret, explain, divulge, or not. Get it?


OK! I'm sold. How do I Start?


Ans. What I am offering to you is this JIST of a GIFT on the medical motion of people on the grand clock of the universe in our world: MEDICAL ASTROLOGY !

Soup to Nuts.


1. You need a laptop with Mac OS9 because most do not have one today. Besides, you will want a computer in the clinic dedicated to this one task on your desktop. I will deliver one to you, fully loaded and installed with this program, plus a host of supplementary goodies, money cannot buy. The laptop will also host OSX, today the most superior operating system, so for you windoze users, you'll discover another universe in light speed to boot.


Medical Interpreter program is to find and prevent conditions and disorders. Just as a doctor will look at a blood chemistry report to gain an insight to diagnose, so the The purpose of medical astrology is to find and prevent conditions and disorders. medical astrologer looks at a birth chart to gain an insight as well. The horoscope does not produce a "diagnosis", rather it provides an insight into the constitution of the native, whether strong or weak, the healing potential, the metabolism whether normal, fast or sluggish, and pathological tendencies.

Relationship Interpreter software gives you the ability to produce three different types of relationship charts or graphs and interpretations: Synastry, Composite, and Relationship (a Davison Composite). Synastry lets you see how "your stars align" with other individuals. The two composite methods provide an inside look at the "third" participant in a relationship - and the relationship itself. Useful before marraige or entering into a business deal.


3. The Transit Interpreter program is like a window to the future. A good interpretation yields a forecast — highlighting the unique potential for each individual — A good interpretation yields a forecast based upon the influences of the transiting planets´ impact on the natal chart. based upon the influences of the transiting planets' impact on the natal chart. It shows where the planets were at the time of sickness.


Mac AstroMed Program, fully installed with intro movie file instructions, and pdf instruction manual

Enrollment in the PhD post-graduate medical astrology courses

Course 1: Astrology Basics: Luminaries, Planets, and Stars, Astronomy basics


Hard copy of The definitive text on the Essentials of Medical Astrology included, free ship


3. Your PhD thesis is to generate and study 100 charts and interpretations. You simply submit the horocopes and a thesis report of your findings and revleations.



Complete astrological library, rare and sacred texts (all pdf's)

McWilliams' Materia Medica - both homeopathic and herbal - 4,000+ pages, adobe searchable ($100 value)

McWilliams' Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine - 5,000+ pages, adobe searchable ($100 value)


• Template brochure for printing a trifold


2. You will be enrolled in courses of medical astrology and conferred a Ph.D. upon successful completion, as a State of Florida approved college. You can use the program as is, but I would like to think you would want to dramatically expand your knowledge of God to take full advantage of this offering at the altar of knowledge.


In short, you embark on a new stage of life, an advance of your knowledge base. You will jump in hyperspace from establishment media to a new reality, outside the box. But we can talk about that more later...


Down to brass tacks...

MacBook with OS( (classic) and OSX

Enroll now:


MacBook computer, fully loaded, enrollment in the Monastic Medical (Sacred) Astrology PhD course. Earn while you learn. $1250 complete.


$650 down, and ten (10) monthly payments of $85 financed. You receive the MacBook computer, fully loaded and enrolled in the courses. Earn while you learn.





Your natal horoscope will give you the golden opportunity to verify the truth, accuracy and usefulness of Medical Astrology for yourself as you read through these pages. Don't accept whatever I'm saying blindly on faith; test it out on your own natal astrology chart!



Your can order your medical report NOW:








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